QuikARPA runs on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology to help you minimize manual work. It has a built-in Virtual Robot which automates business processes by simulating human activities. It automates daily work including generating reports, alerts, approvals and sending emails, among many other manual tasks.

Key benefits of QuikARPA

  • Gives a fast ROI
  • Optimize resources at back office
  • Time saving
  • Data accuracy

QuikARPA works with QuikConvert

QuikARPA is embedded in our product QuikConvert, which can convert all document types with different layouts and formats them into structured data, ready for for use in data processing systems for analytics and reporting. QuikARPA starts helping from the time a document is received, through to data recognition and conversion into structured data.

QuikARPA will continue to automatically process the converted structured data into your systems to automate your daily work including sending emails, generating reports, alerts, notifications and approvals.

QuikARPA can also help with system integration and support business intelligence.