QuikConvert is a digital file convertor that is able to convert various file formats (eg: PDF, Excel, Word) with multiple layouts into structured digital data. Product images can also be included.

The converted data can then be used for supply chain activities at the Quikec cloud platform, or integrated with your company’s IT systems.

Some examples where QuikConvert can be used:

  • Tech Packs
  • Raw material inspection reports
  • Fit Comments
  • Sample reports
  • WIP reports
  • Quality & inspection Reports
  • Third party audit or inspection reports
  • Test lab reports
  • Shipping documentation
  • Invoices

Convert your files with ease

QuikConvert cuts down drastically the time spent on manually inputting data. The software can handle multiple layouts (product images may be included). The software can transform this information into structured data which can then be used for supply chain activities and in quality management systems facilitating the use of analytics and report generation.

Within a single click, QuikConvert changes it into structured data, which gives the data the ability to be used in other systems, such as analytics programs and other systems within your business.

The valuable data can be used to drive continuous improvement programs.

Say goodbye to inaccessibility issues with all of those multiple files!