QuikConvert is a digital file convertor that is able to convert various file formats (eg: PDF, Excel, Word) with multiple layouts into structured digital data. Product images can also be included.

The converted data can then be used for supply chain activities at the Quikec cloud platform, or integrated with your company’s IT systems.

Convert your files with ease

QuikConvert provides a long term solution to reformat data from various formats (pdf, xls, doc, and more) into a more readable data format, so that it can be reused in many beneficial ways.

Typically there are many reports provided in PDF format from 3rd party inspectors and buyers, which causes limitations with this valuable data.

Within a single click, QuikConvert changes it into structured data, which gives the data the ability to be used in other systems, such as analytics programs and other systems within your business.

The data can also be reused according to your business needs.

Say goodbye to inaccessibility issues with all of those multiple files!