About Quikec

Quikec is a company that specializes in groundbreaking software married with Innovative smart digital devices, specifically designed for the manufacturing sector.

Quikec is immersed in a vibrant ecosystem with unprecedented innovation world-class equipment and teams of experts within the Hong Kong Science Park. We make use of AI [Artificial Intelligence], big data and patented smart technology to ease up and add value to the QA and QC activities along the supply chain of our clients.

The management team between them possess almost 150 years of experience in manufacturing and in IT and software design.

Quikec currently has 150+ companies and over 1500 Quality teams using our range of products.


Management Team

Mr. Peter Li


B2B Supply Chain Management, Global Market Development, Sales & Client Management

Mr. Ted Wu


Manufacturing Supply Chain Management, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation & Garment Industry Specialist

Mr. Adrian Lynch


Brands QA and QC, Trend Analysis, Garment Industry specialist, Global Sourcing

Mr. Evan Chau

V.P. Technology

R&D, AI, Innovation & Infrastructure

Mr. Hilman Pun

V.P. Operations

Marketing, Branding & Professional Services

Advisory Team

Dr. Toa Charm

Artificial Intelligence/Big Data, Innovation & Technology Ecosystem, Strategy

Mr. Saint Peng

Research & Development, Data Science & System Quality Assurance

Mission Statement

Quikec strives to provide the most innovative Artificial Intelligence to solve the quality and inspection challenges encountered by supply chain participants.

"We are passionate about creating efficiencies in the manufacturing industry through our technology."

Adrian Lynch, COO