Quikec Products

Our products make use of AI, big data, cloud and patented smart devices to ease & add value to QA and QC activities along the B2B supply chain.


This AI technology provides Food and Beverages (F&B) industry “image recognition” capabilities to automate micro-organism identification in the Plate Count Agar process for product quality control. Microscopic images of the cultures uploaded to the Quikec platform automatically identify and quantify the micro-organisms.

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A community end-to-end Cloud-based platform to optimize real-time collaboration among buyers, suppliers and service providers along the QA/QC activities.

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A smart File converter that converts various file formats into structured digital data, for the Quikec cloud platform, or integrated with your company’s IT systems.

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A digital ruler designed to digitally capture measurement results and transfer data to an application, which saves time and creates efficiencies in the inspection process.

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QuikRPA (available Q4 2020)

A tool that is powered by Robotic Process Automation technology to help you manage your manual workload. When combined with our product QuikConvert, this has major advantages over traditional standalone RPAs.

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The QuikHeatDetector is a measuring body temperature. The epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia in Covid-19. So we provide accuracy, non-contact body temperature measurement solutions.

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Why Quikec?
Our goal is to help with your pain points.

One main challenge today is to minimize the Cost of Poor Quality.

COPQ is the cost generated as a result of producing a defective product.

According to WTO 2018 report, there is a 12.61 % Defect Rate.

This equates to USD$ 104.9 Billion of wasted costs!

Small Order Quantity with many SKUs

  • Consumer’s preferences change rapidly

  • Fast fashion with customization sourcing trend

  • Increasing complexity of style management

Countless Quality Tests & Inspections

  • Buyers’ high demand of requirements

  • More and more inspections required due to increasing style varieties

  • Poor quality management in factory

  • Resulting in High Defect Rates

High Costs for Inspections

  • Labour intensive processes

  • Inefficient manual processes

  • Internal & external re-inspections

  • Time consuming

Stress on Shipment delays

  • Short production lead time

  • Low visibility of factory production and quality control

  • Late Shipment penalties / air shipment due to defect and rework

  • Liabilities on recalls

Our goal is to help with your pain points.

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