QuikQuality Cloud

QuikQuality is a community end-to-end Cloud-based platform to optimize realtime collaboration among buyers, suppliers and service providers along the quality management activities worldwide.

Quikec provides an industry best-in-breed solution to speed up the Quality and Inspection process. Users can take immediate action once the information has been populated, which minimizes the impact and resolves problems in minimum time thus decreasing the cost of poor quality.

QuikQuality Features


At-a-glance views of key performance indicators relevant to quality & inspection analytics results.

Supplier Management

Collaborate with vendors and factories in real-time over the cloud architecture.

Chat Room

You and your suppliers can communicate by sending messages to each other. All chats can be archived.

Style Management

File conversion of your Tech-Pack PDF file into structured data for quality and inspection processes.

Sample Management

Collaborate in real-time with your various QA departments, vendors, factories and Third Party test labs on sample, QA, tracking and approval activities.

Measurement Management

Save over 50% of time using our patented QuikMeasure device and its mobile app for point of measurement QA checks.

Purchase Order

Flexible order data structure that supports different formats to integrate with your various systems.

Inspection Management

Support double AQL for both Point-Of-Measurement and other inspections such as materials, workmanship, label, packaging.

Ad-Hoc Reports

Real-Time ad-hoc reports can be generated and easily exported into several formats including PDF and CSV.

QuikQuality Cloud Functions

One World One Platform –Collaborate for Quality

Synergy – Connect all of your stakeholders into one collaboration platform. QuikQuality provides several ways for various parties to feed data into the cloud platform for operations and analysis.

Transparency – Enable your entire supply chain to have open and clear communication. As QuikQuality is a cloud based platform, the information saved by users will be reflected in real time.

Real time data – Users can take immediate action once the data has been received, which minimizes the impact and resolves any issues in minimum time.

Automation and Efficiency – Minimize manual errors and duplicate work. With the Quikec AI Engine, it helps to learn the different text-based file structures and automatically sets into other structured databases without any manual input.

Prediction and prevention – Upgrade your Six Sigma initiatives with Artificial Intelligence. Quikec AI Engine helps to analyse all the inspection data in the cloud platform and provide the risk indication of defects.